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Many a times, if taken positively, complaints provide businesses with some real good opportunities. We all know how important it is to answer to negative reviews. The real task comes when treating an unhappy customer. If done in a systematic way, it may well increase the probability to aggravate satisfaction and loyalty, and sometimes, even repeated business for the organization, thereby resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Something similar happened with us as well. One of our esteemed clients using our channel manager, Mr. Samuel T. Rajan, the Resort Manager at Grande Bay Resort and Spa Mamallapuram  was unhappy with the report he received. This was a little unusual episode for us as we generally enjoy a great client satisfaction ratio and as a customer-centric company, we took up the matter seriously to provide a fulfilling solution to the vexed customer.

Grand Bay Resort


Grande Bay Resort and Spa Mamallapuram had been using our channel manager for quite some time, Mr. Samuel there was mislead by a consultant working for hotel industry who subsequently happened to be a Channel Manager supplier as well. Our client was presented a deluding ‘Audit Report’ just to shake his faith in our product that contained statistics related to online presence of the resort in terms of various parameters like TripAdvisor rating, content of resort website, online booking functionality, registration with various OTAs as well as difference in rates on the resort website as well as rate of the resort on various OTA websites. The client, though having enough credence in our us, thought of getting in touch with us to clear his doubts regarding the ‘Audit Report’ he received. For a while, it seemed he was feeling a little apprehensive!


If we analyze the situation minutely here, we can observe that the subjects covered in the report were related more to hoteliers’ capability to maintain online presence from their end rather than our role as a solution provider to help them in doing that. For example – the ratings on TripAdvisor is solely dependent on the hotel’s proficiency to serve the guests. In today’s era, it is beyond doubts that content is the king, but once again, it is something that has to be finalized by hoteliers for their website and hospitality solution provider has no role in it. A good channel manager will provide the property with all the best available distribution channels like if we talk about eZee Centrix, it has more than 100 OTAs and Vacation Rental Portal connections and the company is constantly expanding interfaces with the new ones. The registration (sign-up) part with these OTAs after purchasing the Channel Manager is once again hotel dependent.

In this case, to optimize the effectiveness of our channel manager, corrective measures were suggested to the client and certain amendments in their property’s website were recommended in order to make the bookings easier for the guests. Though informed earlier, we reminded him to sign up for maximum possible OTAs so that they start receiving bookings from all ends. We once again provided him the comprehensive list of our  top Indian and international connect travel booking channels they could use to substantially exceed their online presence.


Soon, he realized that the email they received from the consultant was nothing more than a mere marketing gimmick to mislead them and the data in the‘Audit Report’ was pertaining to their own capabilities in terms of escalating their online presence. They accepted the suggestions from our end on how to proliferate throughout the net and also amended content on their website to make the entire booking process easier for their guests. Within few days of implementing our solutions, they witnessed a rise in the number of bookings they received.

Through this incident, eZee was also able to foster an open, continuing dialogue with the disgruntled client using email and telephonic conversations as well as different social media platforms and today, the relationship with that client has got stronger than ever. The end result was – our esteemed client had a bright smile once again on his face and satisfied with our query handling ability, he ordered our hospitality solutions for one of his sister concern hotel too!

This is just one of the many, there are many more client stories that you can relate to, check it out here.

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