is synonymous with hospitality.

It is by far one of the most comprehensive travel booking sites in the market with vast offerings. Also, having a simple yet effective interface, makes it supremely easy for both inexperienced and seasoned travelers to make all sorts of travel arrangements without the hassle.

Founded in 1996, today offers more than 28 million reported accommodation listings from all around the world. Meaning, the options to pick from for travelers are just massive.

Moreover, the company has initiated some of the most sought-after programs for hospitality establishments and the industry as a whole, over the years.

And at present, as part of the Partner Performance Investment Programme, is offering Genius Commission Discount Offer to hotels that are eligible.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and understand what exactly this programme is and how hotels can reap the benefits.

What is Genius Commission Discount Offer for Hotels?

Genius Commission Discount Offer is an exclusive marketing programme that is curated to give eligible accommodation partners an extra mileage on’s platform.

When a partner joins the Genius program, they get extra visibility through special tagging, ranking boosts, and various marketing investments from

According to the company, there are several benefits of joining Genius which include:

  • Accommodation partners who join Genius witness an increase of 70% in search result views.
  • Properties also see an increase in bookings by an average of 45%.
  • 75% of Genius customers start their booking journey either from the platform or via a partnership. Meaning, your chances of acquiring reservations on increases significantly.  
  • Not to mention, Genius travelers on average spend 15% more when they book, book up to 2x further in advance, and leave 29% more reviews

But how does this exactly work? Can any property opt for this programme and start enjoying the benefits?

Well, not really. has certain protocols in place for this entire program to run effectively and smoothly. Let me address them for you in the next points.

Who can Join the Genius Programme?

This Genius Commission Discount Offer program to increase hotel business is certainly intriguing. But if you want to join, then your property needs to meet three eligibility criteria.

Here are they:

  • The property’s listing is open and bookable on the platform.
  • The hotel has received at least three guest reviews.
  •  It has a review score of at least 7.5.
    (However, may make an exception if the average review score in the property’s area/city is lower than 7.5 and the property’s review score is above that average)

Does your property meet these criteria?

If so, then you’re good to go and sign up for Genius.

How to Join the Genius Program?

Talking about the elephant in the room, joining the Genius Program is simple.

  • Once you check your eligibility, you can simply head to the extranet.
  • Once you’re on your property’s Extranet page, look for the ‘Opportunities’ options.
  • Under that option, you’ll find ‘Genius Programme’.
  • On that ‘Genius Programme’ page, you’ll find the option to ‘Try Genius now’.
  • Follow all the given instructions and voila.

Now, if your property joins the Genius Programme before the end of June, you’ll receive 20% off commissions on all Genius-rate till 30th September.

However, what if you want to opt-out of the Genius Commission Discount?

Is there a way to do that?

Well, the answer is a YES. also allows hotels to opt-out whenever they want. All they have to do is send a message via your extranet inbox.

Note: Once you opt-out, you won’t be eligible to join the program again for six months.

The Outlook

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving and the competition keeps on rising. For hotels to keep their heads high and make a mark in this volatile segment, it is important to turn to the latest hotel business exposure programs by leading entities and leverage everything that’s on offer.’s Genius Programme is gaining tremendous traction and is proving to be a worthwhile discount program for hoteliers.

So, if you have been shying away from this Genius Commission Programme, then it’s high time to change your mind. After all, the benefits are worth all the tea in China.

For more information on the introductory commission discount, visit  FAQs or the terms and conditions.

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