After conduction of an extensive search, eZee Technosys: world’s leading hospitality solutions provider finds an impeccably qualified candidate for the position of company’s new CEO.

Privileged to announce the discovery of the new CEO, eZee is appointing Mr. Aeijaz Sodawala, the present COO of company as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) in January,2016. Succeeding Mr. Hitesh Patel the current CEO and Co-founder of eZee Technosys, Aeijaz will be responsible for taking the company to new heights.

  • Aejaz Sodawala speaks about Client Satisfaction
  • eZee Technosys introduces the CEO designee
  • eZee Products to advance under administration of new CEO
  • New CEO to expand Global Administration
  • CEO Agenda: New Business Processes to be designed

The search for a worthy successor was prolonged in order to scrutinize and establish the emerging candidacy, so that the seal could be set upon it. Having been working in eZee since 7 long years, Aeijaz Sodawala was unanimously chosen to hold the position of company CEO in upcoming future.

Congratulating Aeijaz Sodawala, Mr. Vipul Kapoor- Co-founder and CTO of eZee Technosys said,We have made this decision after a comprehensive search pursuit and detailed planning of inheritance, I can think of no one better to manage and lead a singular company like eZee.

Upon this significant announcement, we ought to shed some light on the distinctive qualities of the new leader by virtue of which he has set an inspirational benchmark. Associated with company since 2008, Aeijaz has developed a sharp understanding of hospitality business processes. During his journey in eZee, he has closely worked with all the departments of company; which made him a 360° know-how with innovative thoughts to make every operation well organized.

Efficient frontier and CEO desingee of eZee, Aeijaz holds the track record of successful entrepreneurship in the South-East Asian market. Aeijaz has acquired vast experience in start up establishment. He has been a key driver in creating the foundation for hospitality software of eZee Technosys outside India. He worked on multiple projects in Thailand where he discovered vast opportunities for eZee solutions in ASEAN hospitality market. It took a great deal of exploration and research to determine risk-reward ratio, then eZee Malaysia was established and for next 3 years he worked hard to get the company up and running.

Aeijaz Sodawala said expressing honoured to receive this amazing opportunity, and excited about the possibilities foreseen in near future. I strongly believe that the only way to measure a company’s potential is by client satisfaction which can be achieved only by providing a flawless user experience and not a massive marketing budget. On the core level, eZee already possesses a varied range of cutting-edge solutions that are regularly upgraded as the technological market demands keeping user experience in mind. I can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with my team and continue to deliver high-end service.

Fellow employees of eZee perceive the change in leadership passionately, declaring unanimous support of team members. Aeijaz himself is an epicenter of zealous passion and never-ending enthusiasm, all time pointing the way to mutual goal achievement. The enterprising CEO talks about his major strategies and approach through which he is expected to trail-blaze the business and innovation in company. He assures and prioritizes client satisfaction by delivering best products and by technically strengthening the team eZee.

Mr. Hitesh Patel, current CEO manifested faith in the management’s choice,Aeijaz is a young and hard-working man with a track record of strong leadership, great ability to empathize with clients as well the team and deep understanding of the industry business processes. This along with his spectacular vision for the future of the company uniquely qualifies him to lead eZee successfully into the future.

A peculiarity of his influential persona is consolidation of thoughts and efforts in a unified direction. The extensive knowledge and experience he has collected requires a lot of time and patience that creates a footing to serve CEO responsibilities. The board is sure to itself that this change in leadership is expected to provide momentum to rapidly growing organization ensuring future sustainability and development. He can influence and persuade the team mates to action that eventually leads to greater growth, better outcomes and utmost customer satisfaction.

Lastly, getting ready for the marathon; the CEO designee quotes a maxim,To develop a world class organization delivering world class services, effectuate bottom and top line business processes.

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