2020 was a year full of technology – development, innovation, and adaptation. But, there’s a lot to be thankful for!

This year started out like any other but, turned out to be worse than a nightmare for the hospitality industry. It led everyone to set different strategies, adopt new plans, and survive the market. With welcoming the new year, to can’t wait for it to pass by, we have now come to its end. And, we’d like to take a moment to thank our biggest supporters, YOU!

If I’d ask you to describe 2020 in one word, I’m sure you would say – challenging. However, despite the hardships, we still had a busy 12 months, standing by your side, to overcome the obstacles.

For us, it was a year where – We Came. We Saw. And, We Conquered!

Our expertise made us plan long term recovery goals for ourselves as well as our end users. We delved into our data, spoke with our customers and partners, understood their difficulties, and brought in solutions fit for their requirements. It has definitely been a transformative year for the industry, but we all made the most of it by adapting to the new normal. 

2020 made us realize, we had to slow down on production because our family (clients) needed us now, more than ever. With our finest sweatpants on, we learned:

  • Work from home was our new office.
  • Virtual meetings were on our to-do list.
  • Contactless solutions were the top pick. 
  • And, varying guest expectations was the new in. 

Well, we must say, we never left the hands of our partners and users on the empty streets. (We were there, then, now, and will always be, for them!) 

As many businesses experienced a loss, failure, and downfall, we knew it was time for us to open up the buried books down the table. This year we focused on user experience, stability, contactless services, modern solutions, and new goals for 2021. 

Check out some of our inescapable highlights:

  • One-stop solution for free resources

We believe the hospitality industry has a lot to offer and take care of, so we brought all the essential trends and practices in one place, making it easier to download and access at your convenience. Ready-made COVID19 webpage, COVID19 Guidelines for the hospitality industry, business performance report, revenue management, N number of templates; we’ve covered it all for our industry here.

Wide range of free resources eZee offers.
  • New and improved integrations

Digging into the facts, we realized, the hospitality industry faced several obstacles in data management, which affected customer experience and staff productivity. eZee brought its centralized platform on the table – Open API for third-party hardware and software applications to integrate with its solutions. This Open API vastly streamlines hotel operations and user experiences. More than that, it enables better data sharing capabilities between hotel management applications, by improving communication between and across all departments.

eZee's Open API integration for third-party hardware and software applications.
  • Encouraged contactless solutions

Earlier, going digital was a luxury but now, it has become more than a necessity. 2020 forced everyone to adopt contactless customer services, for safe business practices. Here our cloud-based hotel PMS, offering contactless solutions since 2017, was the top pick for many. Addressing their evolving needs, we spread our hands to the F&B industry, making our restaurant POS software contactless too.

Contactless solutions for hotels and restaurants.
  • Set eZee Panorama in motion

Despite the hustle-bustle of the pandemic, we never stopped catering to the requirements of our customers through our cutting-edge technologies. On the 74th Indian Independence Day, in the presence of top industry experts, we expanded our existing technology solutions, by virtually launching eZee Panorama, a website builder solution, designed for hotels and restaurants. This comes with a dedicated website designer, a DIY option to make edits, freedom to select from an array of expertly crafted templates, and much more; all at an affordable cost.

  • Made long term plans

You cannot turn your dreams into actions unless you have a plan. And, this year helped us brainstorm to set some vivid future goals. Together with our parent company Yanolja, we are working on our most awaited solution Y FLUX, a completely automated hotel management platform. The Y FLUX solution will revolutionize the way hotel businesses are conducted, which is perfectly suitable for the post COVID-19 era. 

In addition, we are revamping our PMS product entirely with the latest technology stack, where we aim to provide the next level of user experience and simple workflows with optimum speed. 

We are also working on our revenue management tool – “eZee Mint,” which was a missing piece in our offering. It will help hotels drive better revenue with minimal interactions. Parallel to this system, we are also coming up with revenue management services backed by experts and online listing management that would enable hoteliers to enhance the property’s online presence across OTAs and meta-search engines.

With new and enhanced products in the pipeline, we are not only opening the path towards a better customer experience but also making our products feasible for the larger segments.

eZee shares business goals till 2022.
  • Rewards from the top industry leaders

It was a year for survival of the fittest. However, we retained our position by earning several recognitions from top industry leaders. And, we could make that possible because of you and your unconditional support. With our whole heart, we are grateful to you all for giving us wonderful feedback, sharing your success stories, and loving our solutions like always.

Rewards and recognitions from top industry experts.

Thank you for growing with us

Today, having a family of more than 22K users and 200+ partners worldwide gives us a sense of trust, togetherness, and joy. We are growing and we are doing that with all of you.

The year was rough, but it’s not going to last forever. We are getting back on our feet and so are you. We have less words to thank you for that, as we know and we have seen this through – it really takes a lot of strength to bounce back. Together, let’s wash away the bad memories and welcome the coming year with new aspirations.

Adios 2020!! What an incredibly wretched evolving year you’ve been. With rising hopes for 2021, let’s grow bigger, better, and brighter!!

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