(eZee Technosys, Surat, September 14 (Mon) 2020) Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turns into an innovation. In the same vein, eZee Technosys (hereinafter ‘eZee’), yet again demonstrated its technology prowess by rolling out an Open API (Application Program Interface) for the hospitality industry. 

The Open API will vastly streamline hotel operations and user experience. More than that, it will enable better data sharing capabilities between hotel management applications by improving communication between and across all departments. 

Currently, the hospitality industry faces various obstacles in data management, which affects customer experience and staff productivity. The company also received constant requests from customers and resellers to integrate their solutions with local and global hotel systems. Recognizing the need of the hour, eZee has brought its centralized platform to the table for third-party hardware and software applications to integrate with its solutions. Open APIs, thus, would resolve this pain point at a large extent, and assist hoteliers to make stronger strategic decisions. Beyond that, it will allow them to build a customized tech-stack, based on their requirements, having seamless integrations with eZee’s solutions. 

Harshdeep Khatri, the Chief Technology Officer at eZee stated “Technology is changing its shape constantly. For that reason, it is extremely essential to be plugged into an ecosystem of products to constantly evolve and adapt to modern requirements. We have heard our customer requirements for years and enhanced our solutions accordingly. This Open API is also an addition to that, which is going to increase the integrability of our products and make it easier for the hoteliers to run their business.”

For the hoteliers, the Open API would bring various benefits such as:

  1. Connected hotel systems
  2. Lesser to and fro between various systems
  3. Streamlined and error-free hotel operations
  4. Delivery of better guest experience

Integrations have proven to be game changers for all businesses and industries, especially for the hospitality industry where data synchronization is the most neglected, yet a dealbreaker aspect. Additionally, these integrations, even though unreliable and inefficient, incurred a significant amount. eZee’s Open API works as a one-stop source for hoteliers to request for a suitable API and have their systems integrated with the company’s hospitality solutions within a fraction of time. This bypasses the entire tedious and lengthy process behind integrations, diminishing the need for constant communication between teams; which usually consumed a lot of time, and resources.

Owing to technological flexibility, APIs have now become more user-friendly, skilled, and cost-effective, opening doors to the world of innovative and simpler operations. By means of the Open API, eZee envisions solving the hospitality industry’s challenges faced by stakeholders, from service providers, technology vendors, to distributors. This would also help the company serve a wider customer base with stronger and innovative solutions. 

Presently, eZee has its integrations with over 550+ third-party hardware and software solutions; thereby offering utmost flexibility for hoteliers to select the cream of the crop. It has always focused on staying a step ahead of the game and empowering the hospitality industry with the ability to run a profitable and efficient business through its finest technology. Release of the Open API’s will further strengthen the industry with transparency and better connectivity. 

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