eZee offers a complete range of integrated hospitality software solutions. With profound experience in travel technology, we have mastered the craft of efficient as well as scalable tech solutions.

eZee's sales boomed in 2019

This article will give a small overview on how eZee manages to keep its products at the forefront of innovation. And, why people opt for eZee’s solutions which made it witness double sales numbers.

What did eZee achieve in 2019?

With its constant focus on technology enrichment, eZee does offer regular improvements on all of its solutions. Year on year it has grown tremendously in terms of clients as well as achievements.

Starting from 6000 users a couple of years ago to a family of 10000; our caravan now holds 18000+ happy customers.

Considering technology, right from hotel chatbot to mobile app for hotels, digitized room keys to self-check ins by guests; and online reputation; eZee has covered it all!!

Thus becoming an end-to-end hotel solutions provider.

Counting achievements and accolades, 2019 was a great year for eZee!! Of which, some were:

South Korea’s No. 1 OTA & Hotel PMS Company, Yanolja acquired a stake in eZee.

In addition to that;

Yanolja, collectively with eZee and ZEN Rooms, announced the development of ‘Y Flux, the hotels’ automated future at ITB Asia.

Well, it’s not over yet!!

Apart from this, eZee also achieved:

  • The Highest Quality and Customer Choice Awards from Software Suggest
  • Recognition as a Premier Partner and APAC Top Connectivity Partner by Booking.com
  • Preferred Software Partner of Airbnb
  • Oracle Validated Integration Partner

All these achievements have certainly started to bring a massive breakthrough in the hospitality industry. These, added to our customers’ support would make us the world’s best hospitality tech company.

Accomplishment, new launches, constant upgrades and innovations made up eZee’s 2019. Owing to which, hundreds and thousands of hospitality businesses chose eZee as their technology provider.

But what exactly made them choose eZee?

What made hospitality businesses choose eZee?

TODAY, in this world of technology, guests are getting used to advanced facilities. And so, they’re expecting the same from the accommodations as well.

Hoteliers are now aware of the fact that; in order to take advantage and stand out in the competition, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in the hotel industry.

Therefore, with the tremendous changes in the taste and expectations of guests, all hotels (small to large) are actively looking into new techniques to offer optimal guest experience.

These upcoming trends in the hospitality industry will help hoteliers like you to improve loyalty and communicate better with your guests than ever before.

eZee being one of the rare companies to offer a complete range of integrated solutions; witnessed that, their products have grown STRONG post alliance with ZEN ROOMS and YANOLJA.

Also, this has tremendously increased the sales numbers for the company mainly because of the enhanced branding and increased exposure in the market. To mention, we have observed DOUBLED SALES numbers!!

Further, in our annual survey this year, we found out the core reasons why hoteliers choose eZee’s solutions because of the following reasons:

  1. All-in-one integrated solution: Hotels and restaurants get everything under one roof with eZee. Besides, our vast expanse of third-party integrations also make us preferrable.
  2. Rock-solid products: Over the years, we’ve made our solutions stable and stronger than ever. Running on latest technology, our products are rock-solid entailing 99.99% uptime.
  3. Effective post-sales support: Besides tech, we’re adept in offering best-in-class customer service. Our users and partners are the most important for us, and we ensure that their experience is the best with our 24×7 live support.

In addition, being ready with various compliances, our solutions meet all the requirements to run in all corners of the world.

What makes eZee better from others?

Even with all of this technological advancement, our best source of innovation has always been our clients. We listen to their suggestions and understand their requirements. This, in turn, gave us great insights into the workings of our beloved hotel-travel industry.

We listen to their suggestions and understand their requirements. This, in turn, gave us great insights into the workings of our beloved hotel-travel industry.

With our easy to use hotel management solutions, we have transformed how hotels of all sizes run their operations.

What makes us stand apart, is:

Our steadfast support system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat, phone call or email.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Unlimited Training
  • Onboarding and Implementation
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Our full-fledged support center not only provides assistance with troubleshooting, training, and implementation but also client requested enhancements and upgrades.

We are also proud to partner with progressive hoteliers from around the world; that unlocks the next level of profitable growth with the best in class hospitality technology.

To conclude

eZee’s products and services have tremendously helped our clients to improve their hotel operations. It’s not just technology which has become our forte; but also things like:

  • Various FREE resources that‘ll benefit your hotel:
  • Along with this, our experts have written various blogs highlighting real-life examples, case studies and surveys that would enhance in growing your hotel business:

Our aim is, that our clients get the best value for every buck they spend and with each product, they get the best of what technology has to offer in the industry.

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