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The much awaited eZee NextGen 7.0 is coming soon!

As promised eZee NextGen 7.0 is coming soon at your desk with eye-catching enhancements post a major facelift. You’ll find a completely revamped look and feel of the user interface, giving you the best of both worlds. In this version, our developers have been accommodative of the fact that technical soundness of product is maintained along with the addition of cool accent and flexibility of use.

eZee NextGen products comprise of eZee FrontDesk on-premise hotel management software and eZee BurrP! restaurant POS software. Notably, after going through vigorous brainstorming sessions and planning, we’re coming up with what’s said to be a brand new and remodeled side of our on-premise software. Dedicated efforts, months of planning, and testing were put into it to ensure that that the system is flawless and ready to take on the market.

To enlist some of eZee NextGen 7.0 features:

  • Menu Panel
  • To keep up with widescreen monitors, the Menu Panel will be moved from being at the top navigation bar to the sidebar, letting you use the full width of the screen with ease of accessibility for menu options on the side.

  • Trending Design
  • By implementing the recent designing trends, we have tried to change the look and feel of the software – like enhancing color effects, softening of edges so that it is pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to use.

What’s new in eZee FrontDesk 7.0?

  • 30% Improvement in Performance
  • Necessary optimization has improved the system’s performance by a whooping 30%. The major part we worked on is operational views in the system as well room operation screen.

  • Universal Search
  • You’ll now be able to search for data stored on different pages for varied operation using the universal search feature from the main screen itself. Search for anything from wherever you are, and there; you’ll get it!

What’s new in eZee BurrP! 7.0?

  • Full screen UI
  • Included in eZee NextGen 7.0 on popular demand, you’ll get to use eZee BurrP! in full-screen mode to let you enjoy the features to its fullest.

  • Flexible accessibility
  • You’ll be able to flexibly access the system, making it easy for you to handle your restaurant operations in a simplified manner.

Having a wide customer base of more than 5000 clients, eZee NextGen has been accepted and acclaimed largely ever since their inception. Said to be eZee’s pioneer product, eZee FrontDesk has come a long way with constant innovations, enhancements, and third-party integrations.

All in all, we have worked to bring User Interface (UI) towards a memorable User Experience (UX).

Don Norman, the inventor of the term “User Experience” Former Vice-President of the Advanced Technology group at Apple, formally defined UX as,

Users experience encompasses all aspects of end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

To know more about eZee NextGen 7.0, get in touch with our sales team.

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VAT in UAE and Gulf: eZee hospitality solutions are VAT ready

With an objective to move towards the vision of reducing the dependency on oil and other hydrocarbons as a source of revenue, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Gulf countries implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) from 1st of January 2018. Implementing VAT in UAE and Gulf countries will have major economic reform, as they have minimal tax systems and no tax on income.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia which had tax-free lifestyle, now have imposed 5% VAT on goods and services. The VAT in UAE will be applied to items like food, water, clothes, electronics, electricity bill, gasoline, phones as well as hotel reservations; with possibilities of exemptions and zero rating for some supplies and incentives for companies operating in certain sectors or free zones. For the VAT in UAE, “VAT is expected to yield Dhs 12 billion in the first year of its implementation and up to Dhs 20 billion during the second year,” Sultan Al Mansouri, minister of economy, told The National earlier this year.

VAT in UAE: eZee hospitality solutions are VAT ready

As the government gets ready with VAT, hospitality industry needs to gear up to comply the softwares with the new tax regime. With the implementation of VAT in UAE and other Gulf countries, we’ve equipped our solutions to comply with the new tax. Hoteliers and restaurateurs in UAE now can levy VAT on the services they provide to their guests.

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?

VAT abbreviated as Value added tax, is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of goods and services. Businesses and the registrants enrolled under the VAT law need to remit the tax to the government while supplying goods and services.

VAT applies more or less to all goods and services that are bought and sold for use or consumption. Thus, goods which are sold for export or services which are sold to customers abroad are normally not subjected to the VAT.

VAT in UAE and Gulf and the current taxation scenario

VAT is a multi-stage tax which is levied at each step of production of goods and services which involves sale/purchase. For VAT in UAE, the tax levied in a supply chain at each stage and is collected by businesses on behalf of the government and will be incurred and paid by the end consumer. VAT in UAE and Gulf will be applied to taxable goods and services at the rate of 5%. However, basic consumer goods, health care, and education, etc are exempted from taxation.

Here is the tariff range for businesses who can register for VAT in UAE:

Annual Turnover What you can do?
Businesses with annual turnover > AED 375,00 Will have to register for VAT
Businesses with annual turnover over > AED 187,000 and bellow < 375,000 Have an option to register for VAT

Moreover, businesses that provide health and education services can reclaim VAT value from government.
Whereas, failure by businesses to comply with and keep the required records and other information as per the new law will incur a fine.

Sectors under Zero-rated

VAT will be charged at 0% in respect of the following main categories of supplier:

  • Exports of goods and services to outside the GCC.
  • International transportation, and related supplies.
  • Supplies of certain sea, air and land means of transportation.
  • Certain investment-grade precious metals.
  • Newly constructed residential properties.
  • Supply of certain education and healthcare services.

Sectors under certain exemptions

The following categories will be exempted from VAT:

  • The supply of some financial services.
  • Residential properties.
  • Bare land.
  • Local passenger transport.

Impact of VAT on Hospitality Industry

Hospitality and tourism are two of the most promising sectors of the UAE economy, contributing a significant amount to the country’s GDP. To examine the effect of hospitality and tourism industry, it is important to consider several aspects.

UAE is one of the countries in the GCC, ahead of the curve in terms of hospitality investment.
Ordinarily, the development of the sector has always been a priority for the UAE government as it accounts for 51% of overall hotel rooms, and therefore, any negative impact from VAT is a legitimate concern.

The sector has two types of customers, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). It is expected that most of the B2B customers fall into the category of ‘VAT registered business’ and thus the VAT should not have any expensed cost. For the B2C customers, there may be a minor impact as this will only mean that their offering is 5% more expensive.

Currently, hotels already have a 10% Service charge and a 10% Municipality fee to their room rates. Serviced apartments also have a room tax of Dh15 per day for four-star hotels, while Dh20 per day is added to five-star properties.

The industry is ever evolving, with lots of advancements happening every single day, and that, hoteliers will bring in new value streams for the clients to ensure that the tax impact doesn’t become a distraction.

Role of Technology: providing VAT compliant softwares

The hospitality industry is a dynamic environment experiencing constant evolution. Over the years, the industry has witnessed several changes at an unprecedented pace. Applying the latest technology to provide the best services to the new VAT regime in the hospitality sector imposed.

The scope of VAT in UAE is not limited only to tax calculations, it is also expected to change the way millions do business in UAE. From a compliance perspective, businesses that work with automated softwares will need to update their systems with the new VAT laws. If a hotel doesn’t have correct and proven VAT system in place, it may not be able to meet all statutory requirements resulting in incorrect tax calculations.

As a business owner or manager in the hospitality sector, you need to implement a hotel software that gets customized according to changing trends and laws. This will make room for you to focus on running your business and providing better services and compliance with the VAT policies. Also, if you’re an F&B business owner, consider a tool that will assist you to navigate your way through VAT laws.

With the changing tax laws in different regions, eZee solutions are always ready to comply with.
For VAT in UAE and Gulf, our softwares are VAT ready to help hotelier and restaurateur to generate VAT-compliant invoices and reports, it implements tax structure as per VAT requirements and also calculates VAT payables.

To sum up, VAT in UAE and Gulf countries is not just an accounting change, but an overall business change as it affects every business function from marketing to finance. Companies within the hospitality segment should keep in mind flexibility and adaptability combined with a vision of customer needs, and make informed business decisions ahead. Keeping pace with coming changes, our hotel PMS software and restaurant POS system are VAT-ready, ensuring that our users stay updated with the changing tax laws in every region.

Check out our VAT-ready hotel software:

VAT-ready software

Note: All the information given on this page is subject to the notifications passed by GCC.

Here’s our 2017 wrapped up

How to sum up 2017?

2017 has been an exciting year for us with new technologies and innovations, incredible events, festival celebrations and much more. From 6000 to 10,000 active users till date, from product innovations to winning awards, it was an incredible year.

By the way, thank you for being a part of it.
As the year has ended, now is a great opportunity to look back at everything we did in 2017, as we prepare for even bigger accomplishments in 2018.

Here are the highlights from 2017, get ready with your popcorns!

This is our 2017 wrapped up!

What a thrilling year 2017 was!
We can’t believe we managed to achieve so much in just one year. And the best part is that we had so much fun doing it. As we begin in a new year, we’ve resolved to continue innovations and improved technologies for you. To benefit
you, we have a huge roadmap full of exciting features, digitized solutions and more surprises in store.

2018, here we come!

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Celebrations to Witness: Our 12th Anniversary and EPL

We’re delighted to announce our 12th anniversary this month – ‘A celebration of innovation and excellence’.

Set up in 2005 as a small firm looking to cater hotels and restaurants through on-premise solutions, we’ve come a long way now. This marks as a significant milestone for us, owing to more than 10000 happy clients in our kitty in more than 160 countries across the world. Not just that, but these 12 years have witnessed us setting up regional offices in Malaysia, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Indonesia; as well as establish a well-strung distributor network worldwide.

This occasion was celebrated along with the two-day event of eZee Premier League (EPL 2017-18) – a sporty escape from the routine life.

EPL and  12th Anniversary

The EPL was scheduled on 16th and 23rd of December. On the chilly winter mornings, the players were all set to fire up the ground with their athletic energy. Teams were decided, matches were scheduled, and the audience were all ready to cheer up the players.

The event started with the National Anthem followed by the men’s qualifying matches on 16th December. Winning teams Smashing Sunrisers, Dashing Daredevils, Roaring Lions and Gracious Kings on 16th performed their best and were selected for the semi-final and final matches on 23rd December.

On the account of eZee’s anniversary, the celebration commenced by cake cutting, snacks and photo sessions. The first match on 23rd was the women’s match between The Batgirls and The Superwomen followed by men’s semi-final and final matches. The Batgirls won the match, proving their mettle in the gentleman’s game.

1st semi-final was played between Dashing Daredevils and Smashing Sunrisers; whereas the 2nd one was played between Roaring Lions and Gracious Kings. The audience was captivated with the final match between The Smashing Sunrisers and The Roaring Lions, thus making The Smashing Sunrisers winners of EPL 2017-18.

The secret to our success: The spirit of working together.

The event turned out to be a success with team members getting rejuvenated with cricket, carrom and chess along with bonding with other departments. Over the years, there have been countless of celebrations, events, festivities; and each have been memorable.

We thank all our clients, partners and team members who’ve been an integral part of this journey. With your constant support, we now look foward to a continued trajectory of success.

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GST handling made easier by integration with JioGST software

Since the introduction of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India from July 2017, then there has been a prevailing confusion regarding GST filing. Businesses as well as hoteliers and restaurateurs are facing a lot of issues in filing GST. To ease out the hurdles faced while calculating or filing the tax returns, there comes a very high need for some process automation which simplifies the filing of the monthly returns.

While our solutions are already GST compliant, we further worked to eliminate GST filing hassles for you whether you own a hotel or restaurant, and integrated our PMS and POS software with GST Suvidha Provider JioGST respectively. As a universal technology provider to hoteliers and restaurateurs, we perceived the challenge you faced in handling GST. Thus, with an practical web platform for tax paying hoteliers like you, we’ve effectively bridged you with the government GST portal.

Even though government has released clear guidelines as to how to manage GST and file returns, tax filing on stipulated deadlines is proving to be arduous job. Nevertheless, in order to comply with the new taxation structure, taxpayers too will need to get equipped with modern tools and tactics to be in line with the nationwide reforms. Manually filing GST returns takes more time, inviting hassles of inaccuracy and increased costs of consultation. Which is why you need to turn to technology for easy filing of GST, which is also cost-effective in the long run comparatively.

Interface with JioGST Software

We came up with GST ready PMS for hotels and POS software for restaurants as a provision to generate data required to file GST. Additionally, while using solutions integrated with JioGST, users can submit GSTR data directly to GST software.

Many of our users have been filing monthly returns with eZee PMS and and are finding it easier with the system to do so. Their expenses on tax expert has been considerably reduced nor do they have to face any errors of manual GST submission. Our PMS has simplified return filing every month.

As for the benefits of using these solutions integrated with a GSP, you’ll be able to calculate accurate GST. Guest check out speeds up as the need to calculate multiple taxes is no more in existence, with just one tax for you to configure in our PMS. You can get invaluable insights from the analytical reports of input tax credit and your own historical GST data.

All in all, you can provide your guests a precise breakdown of applied GST. Thus, clarity in transaction leads to increased customer faith, deriving a clear idea on the tax they are paying. Moreover, JioGST GSP is nominally priced with additional free of cost JioFi device and unlimited 4G data connection. Thus, you also need not make any hefty investment to utilize JioGST with eZee solutions.

Recently, we conducted a complete webinar on understanding GST and filing returns. Meanwhile, properties in India using our solutions have already successfully migrated to GST ready software versions. Hence, using our solutions you can go forward and run a GST ready business leading to stronger economy.

Check out our GST-compliant solutions and the webinar we did:

GST-ready on-premise PMSGST-ready online PMSGST-ready restaurant POS

More than 10000 happy clients now a part of our caravan

Carrying and progressing with exponential and steadfast growth year-on-year since last 12 years, we’ve now achieved a milestone of enrolling more than 10,000 clients in our bandwagon.

People are the strength of any entity and it so happened that many joined us and we wrote the story of great success.

Starting off and constantly aiming to empower the hospitality industry with cutting-edge technology, we started with developing and offering our flagship product eZee FrontDesk; an on-premise hotel PMS software.

More than 10000 clients join our bandwagon

Being one of the very few to offer a complete package of hotel and restaurant management solutions, we’ve always carried a client-first approach. Providing on-premise and cloud-based PMS and POS systems along with online booking engine and channel manager; we’ve walked abreast with changing technology over the years.

In the first half of 2016, we had successfully crossed the mark of having more than 6000 clients. Down the line, our aggressive marketing strategy has yielded outstanding results with the current focus on developing partnerships at a global level. We’ve our efforts prioritized on lead nurturing and customer engagement with meaningful emails, educational webinars, videos and above all; our 24×7 live support, free unlimited product training and product implementation, which has been the cause of more than 10000 happy clients in more than 160 countries.

Adding to our goal, we also launched eZee Ultimate – a transactional model consisting of a total package of online hospitality solutions. Created with an intention to equip small and mid-sized hoteliers with avant-garde technology and services, eZee Ultimate turned out to be a successful endeavor, thus being chosen by many in the industry worldwide.

Taking a step forward and proving our mettle to be a true technology company, we put forth eZee Absolute app – a hotel PMS mobile app a year ago for Android and iOS users; thus proffering the 4th generation PMS to the industry.

eZee's total hospitality solutions

Understanding and acknowledging the dynamic demands of the industry, we’ve also developed customizations for specific regions globally, thus making our solutions the most preferred of many. Backed by a strong and widespread network of more than 200 channel partners, we’ve managed to establish our presence in all the corners of the world.

Just recently, we also rolled out red carpet for online restaurant POS system eZee Optimus, answering the much needed requirement of restaurant industry.

Ranked 2nd in the list of Most Popular Hospitality Management Software by Capterra, constant innovations, diligent efforts and fresh mindsets have brought us to this niche position in this industry.

Thank you all for your constant support in helping us achieve this milestone. We now look forward to enable more and more hoteliers and restaurateurs with our technology and aim for an increasing number of happy clients and satisfied partners.

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AWS selects eZee as a Standard Technology Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has chosen us as their Standard Technology Partner. This means that we have gained official recognition as an APN Partner through the ability to list our firm in the Partner Solution Finder, and we’ll be where businesses come and find the right APN partner or solution for their requirements. Building a wide scope in product stability, we’ll receive myriad of services from one of the biggest providers of cloud computing platforms, including safe storage services for our cloud-based hotel solutions.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the universal partner program for AWS, focused on helping APN Partners to build successful AWS-based businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. As an APN Partner, we’ll have new opportunities to create solutions while seeing a significant growth with the benefits provided by the APN Program. We’ll also be receiving business, technical, sales, and marketing resources from the APN to help enable us to grow our business and better support for the industry.

AWS selects eZee as a Standard Technology Partner

As per their protocol, APN Technology Partners provide software solutions that are either hosted on or integrated with, the AWS platform. Being a true tech company, we’ve been providing SaaS-based solutions to the hospitality industry. Always striving to offer innovative technology to the hospitality industry worldwide; we’re now in the list of one of the few companies to offer end-to-end and completely integrated cloud hospitality solutions. As an APN Technology Partner, we will gain access to a variety of tools, training, and support that will enable us to build our solutions on AWS more efficiently.

With this acclamation as APN’s Standard Technology Partner, we’ll receive a wider access to numerous technical training opportunities to support us in strengthening your AWS-based business, as well as other business, sales, and marketing enablement. Therefore, we look forward to more robust and stable hospitality solutions further.

Ensuring top-notch user experience and minimal security breaches through our solutions, we also recently raised our PCI DSS certification level to version 3.2. In addition, our HTTPS secured cloud-based PMS, booking engine and channel manager have been upgraded from time-to-time, all the while taking care of an hassle-free experience for our users while implementing our solutions for their businesses.

Try out our PCI DSS certified and secure solutions for your property and make your operations easy.

eZee Absolute online PMSeZee Reservation booking engineeZee Centrix channel manager

eZee qualifies as’s pioneer PMS connectivity partner

Just recently, launched a brand new Connectivity Partner Program. eZee has become one of its initial partners by collaborating with’s BookingSuite.

This means that, we’ve integrated our cloud-based PMS with BookingSuite’s pricing management tool, Rate Manager for accurate rate forecasting.

How can you benefit from this?

So, when you belong to an industry as dynamic as hospitality, you need to accept the importance of right pricing at the right time.

Addressing that fact, eZee took an initiative and introduced Rate Optimization in its solutions through this association with BookingSuite.

eZee's integration with BookingSuite

Now typically, when it comes to analyzing market scenario and competitor pricing; you more often than not depend on your guesswork and decide on your pricing strategies accordingly.
But you tell me? How effective can that be? Not much. Right?

But, using BookingSuite’s Rate Manager intelligence along with eZee’s PMS software, you can make smarter pricing decisions through reliable rate forecast and real-time data on local demands.

Through eZee Absolute, you can sync your current inventory and bookings with the Rate Manager. Utilizing these details, Rate Manager will estimate suitable rates, thus helping you sell your rooms at the best prices.

Rate Manager makes use of your historical reservation data, current pick up and occupancy, along with market analysis and the estimated customer demand forecast to suggest you optimal rates for your rooms. As a result, you can act in real time and increase your ROI by rate optimization.

Further, you’ll also be able to sync these rate estimates with eZee’s channel manager and then to the OTAs using the two-way interface which we’re developing with BookingSuite.

Thus, this integration between eZee’s hotel PMS and BookingSuite’s Rate Manager will help you make smarter pricing predictions and devise effective pricing strategies with an aid in streamlining your hotel operations.

The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. – Warren Buffet

What more do you get?

eZee Absolute’s advantageous feature of Rate Management will help you in handling your rate changes efficiently as estimated by BookingSuite’s Rate Manager.

Contact our sales team to know more in detail.

Bringing together the strength of cloud technology and several value-added features, eZee Absolute simplifies hotel operations while helping you utilize every opportunity to boost hotel revenue.

Get a free trial instantlyKnow more about the cloud PMS

Surpassing the old traditions: Our 12th Annual General Meeting

In a continuous effort to be innovative, our Annual General Meet this time defined a different approach altogether. Instead of the conventional way with growth numbers and stats floating around, it was a fun filled full-day event on 14th October. The event kicked off with a photo session, setting just the right stage.

The strength of the team lies in an individual, and the strength of the individual is in the team.

Insights from past learnings, educational presentation about team building, humorous techno-skits depicting a normal work day, dance performances, stand-up comedy, recognizing the workaholics were some of the major highlights of AGM. The team performances portrayed a different yet refreshing facet of the eZeeites.

eZee AGM 2017

In the second half, eZee’s CEO, CTO and founders gave their respective speeches covering a wide range of topics like company policies, innovations, opportunities, balanced life and fun. Co-Founder, Vipul Kapoor spoke on the tremendous opportunities for eZee in global hospitality market and shared his future aspirations for the company; motivating one and all to bring out their extraordinary calibers.

“Looking forward to see the best of you on the field.” – Vipul Kapoor, Co-founder, eZee

Whereas, the Managing Director, Hitesh Patel gave various insights to perform outstandingly. Instilling new ideas and suggestions, an innovation program is open to everyone for presenting their inventive approach in all endeavors; which was then complemented by the Senior HR Manager, Samarth Ragiwar.

The CEO, Aeijaz Sodawala encouraged one and all to be honest with yourself and build a team spirit to tackle huge challenges, while focusing towards making work more enjoyable and having a balanced working environment. Whereas, the CTO, Harshdeep Khatri asked the team to focus on improving skills rather than working hard on the job.

“You make fortune only if you improve your skillsets.” – Harshdeep Khatri, CTO, eZee

Whereas a few other team members gave a presentation on the spirit of teamwork and motivation to reach acclaimed heights in any field. While one amongst us also spoke on how to control your desires, giving an insightful revelation on known, yet hidden facts. The workaholics with highest working hours and those with regular quarterly attendance were awarded with certificates, as they set up a benchmark to inspire other team members.

The entire event was filled with captivated audiences admiring presentations, innovation fundas from top management and performances under humourous anchoring from the duo – Karan and Amandeep. The event concluded with an awesome solo dance performance on a Punjabi song, awe-inspiring memories and wishes for Diwali and New Year.

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