Just recently, Booking.com launched a brand new Connectivity Partner Program. eZee has become one of its initial partners by collaborating with Booking.com’s BookingSuite.

This means that, we’ve integrated our cloud-based PMS with BookingSuite’s pricing management tool, Rate Manager for accurate rate forecasting.

How can you benefit from this?

So, when you belong to an industry as dynamic as hospitality, you need to accept the importance of right pricing at the right time.

Addressing that fact, eZee took an initiative and introduced Rate Optimization in its solutions through this association with BookingSuite.

eZee's integration with BookingSuite

Now typically, when it comes to analyzing market scenario and competitor pricing; you more often than not depend on your guesswork and decide on your pricing strategies accordingly.
But you tell me? How effective can that be? Not much. Right?

But, using BookingSuite’s Rate Manager intelligence along with eZee’s PMS software, you can make smarter pricing decisions through reliable rate forecast and real-time data on local demands.

Through eZee Absolute, you can sync your current inventory and bookings with the Rate Manager. Utilizing these details, Rate Manager will estimate suitable rates, thus helping you sell your rooms at the best prices.

Rate Manager makes use of your historical reservation data, current pick up and occupancy, along with market analysis and the estimated customer demand forecast to suggest you optimal rates for your rooms. As a result, you can act in real time and increase your ROI by rate optimization.

Further, you’ll also be able to sync these rate estimates with eZee’s channel manager and then to the OTAs using the two-way interface which we’re developing with BookingSuite.

Thus, this integration between eZee’s hotel PMS and BookingSuite’s Rate Manager will help you make smarter pricing predictions and devise effective pricing strategies with an aid in streamlining your hotel operations.

The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. – Warren Buffet

What more do you get?

eZee Absolute’s advantageous feature of Rate Management will help you in handling your rate changes efficiently as estimated by BookingSuite’s Rate Manager.

Contact our sales team to know more in detail.

Bringing together the strength of cloud technology and several value-added features, eZee Absolute simplifies hotel operations while helping you utilize every opportunity to boost hotel revenue.

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